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"When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart's delight."
                                                    Jeremiah 5:16

“Crazy Quilt Tree of Life”

Many things exist in this world for us to see,
But we must not partake, neither you nor me.
The background of this work these things do represent.
Let’s look at them close so we know what to prevent.
Smiling faces of the devil and his little achievers,
Lie beneath laughing and mocking all the believers.
They forever tempt each and every one of us
To take the devil’s road and a ride on his fun filled bus.
A ride that when chosen will surely begin
A life of chaos, confusion, and sin.
Sin that includes child abuse, murder, and lies,
Drug addiction, robbery, deception, and slanderous cries.
So many temptations this world does hold,
But Satan and his friends are easily outsold.
There in the foreground “The Tree of Life” does stand;
Representing the Lord ‘s merciful hand.
“The Tree of Life” overrides the devil’s bus,
And gives us an easy solution without all the fuss.
“The Tree of Life” we partake and become a part
By simply giving God all of our heart.
Why four trunks do I see?
God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, and me.

By: Teresa B Cash